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Competitive Advantage: Real World Solutioning

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Shriners Hospitals was experiencing carrier problems that required their staff to detect, respond and resolve issues. This was part of the day-to-day work, but these activities usually took 30-60 minutes. On top of that, those engineers that had to track down the carrier were now no longer working on critical projects.


Beyond that, frustrated end users were asking why they were paying for two circuits but still unable to access anything external (like, cloud storage!).


We developed, tested, simulated, and demonstrated success to the customer a solution that was going to save their team significant time. Once the customer signed off on the project, we deployed an automated detection and fail-over configuration that reduced the total engagement time to 60 seconds. Don’t think that is a huge change?


Well, let’s do some math: 3 issues per month x 12 months = 36 events. At 60 minutes per event, our solution created an entire week of engineering time for Shriners to use on critical projects. More events = more time saved.


This wasn’t some highly technical problem. It didn’t require machine learning and advanced AI. MIT won’t be asking to buy the patent on this solution. But this deployment solved a real-world problem. A problem that impacted and frustrated a customer. A problem that had significant impacts to creating value producing projects.

We aren’t trying to win awards or create a library of IP to sell to the highest bidder. We create real world solutions for our customers so they can serve their customers. Unleashing potential, that’s Wholestack Solutions.

Virtual Staff Augmentation (VSA)
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