Case Study

Case Study: Insurance- Contact Center Integration

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The Challenge

With the introduction of a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, the customer’s contact center struggled to keep up with the organization’s growing customer base. Although the CRM improved the organization’s ability to better track customer information, it was yet another system for contact center agents to incorporate. Agents struggled to meet contact handle objectives and were becoming increasingly frustrated, impacting their ability to deliver a positive customer experience.

The Solution

After a detailed review of the customer’s contact handling workflow, Wholestack Solutions determined the lack of system integration between the customer's Cisco contact center enterprise platform and its Oracle CRM platform was severely reducing agent efficiency and degrading the customer experience. Wholestack developed an integrated workflow that automated several system-to-system tasks that had previously been handled by agents. KPI reporting was implemented to ensure the business unit had full visibility into the automation, ensuring no step was missed or task mishandled.


Through automated CTI integration, Time-to-Serve was reduced by 5%, enabling agents to more quickly address customer needs and enhancing the customer experience.
•By capturing critical contact information in real time, contact wrap-up times were reduced by 5%
•Agent contact handling increased by 15%
•Average contact duration decreased by 45 seconds.
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