End-User Support

High Speed Low Drag
Computer not working? Forget your password? Long hold times and being talked down to? Not exactly our favorite things either.
That's why WholeStack's End-User Support makes sure that you are being taken care of quickly and respectfully. Whether it be while working from home, at the office, on a beach or wherever work takes you - you are our number one priority.

Our mission is to Unleash Potential to ensure everyone has the opportunity to impact the world.

We meet people where they are to help them Unleash the Potential of the technology they interact with.

We share the knowledge love because information sharing is what brings us together and drives change.

We know things are always changing which is why love to pass it on using our knowledge management systems.

  • We aim to influence change and unleash potential
  • Understand and support your mission and purpose
  • Meet you where you are and drive acceptance
  • We aim for information be short and engaging
  • Place content where users are, not where IT puts them
  • Present information in multiple and engaging ways
Enhance + Improve
  • We aim to identify ways to improve using an extensive lab and sandbox environments
  • Share detailed content with subject matter experts
  • Ensure our team has the knowledge they need to succeed
Team-Based Delivery
  • We aim to understand what subject matter experts need to be successful
  • Provide accurate information
  • Learn and build knowledge procedures to resolve first call resolution, mean time to resolve and customer satisfaction
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