EOD Reflections

Sharing the knowledge love, natural curiosity, learning and growing, all are key factors in unleashing potential. How do we achieve all of those things? Through self reflection. One way we practice self reflection is through EODs.

What Are EOD's

How do you end your day at work? Run out of the office as quick as possible? Leave frustrated or drained?

At WholeStack, EOD stands for "End Of Day" and at the end of each work day, every employee at WholeStack Solutions submits their EOD for everyone on the team to read, learn, and grow from.

There are three parts to an EOD:

  1. Am I stuck on something?
  2. What I learned today.
  3. Content I created.

Why EOD's Are Important

Identifying Our Blockers

Every day we spend 15 minutes identifying our blockers. What are we stuck on? What's preventing us from moving forward? These questions are essential in helping us get the help we need to accomplish our goals.


As we recognize what we've done for the day, it allows for self-reflection. Reflection on what we've done well and what we need to improve on. This reflection helps us see what we've accomplished and where we've made a difference, allowing us to unleash our potential.

We Learn Something New Everyday

All elements of the EOD are important but the big take away with EOD's is that we learn something new every day. We understand that every day is an opportunity to be better than the day before, and that is achieved through continuous learning.
EOD Examples From Our Employees
When your goal is to get to Z and you are at A, B, C, D... don't get frustrated with the process because you aren't where you want to be. The process is just as important as the result.
EOD Examples From Our Employees
It's very easy to be negative when giving corrective feedback. But it's more important to try to frame it positively because as a leader, every aspect entrusted to you in the role is to help build up the other person.
EOD Examples From Our Employees
Knowing the fundamentals and general standards of coding and programming can bypass a learning curve when it comes to familiarizing oneself with a new language.
EOD Examples From Our Employees
Always verify information given when working with customers. It is better to ask up front rather than realize mistakes were made down the road. Such as, when given a MAC or IP address from the customer, verify that the information provided is correct.
EOD Examples From Our Employees
Helping people see all the amazing ways to use Chat-GPT as a resource makes me smile. The opportunity to #MakeHardworkEasier is there, whether you elect to capture the opportunity is up to you!
EOD Examples From Our Employees
Understand the resources available to you, the team you have, and trust that they will be able to support you. If you put blinders on to that you give the potential to shoot yourself in the foot.