The Focus Factor: Designing Solutions vs. Fighting Fires

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Today's work environment is one of constant distraction for us all, but especially those in the IT industry. It can be difficult to focus on design and innovation when there are constant interruptions on all fronts. Phone calls, texts, emails, and office drop-ins will all lead to delays and disorganization. IT can’t allocate any time or effort to improvement when they are focused on simply keeping the business running.

Trying to Keep Up with an Organization's Needs

Technological innovation is required to keep pace with an organization's needs. An organization must be constantly developing its infrastructure and resources if it is to remain competitive. But this can be incredibly difficult when focus is constantly being disrupted.
An engineer primarily focused on fighting fires isn't going to be able to identify the weak points of the company's infrastructure, nor are they going to be able to find areas of potential improvement or opportunities to innovate. Though the business may keep churning, it won't be moving forward; it will just be treading water.

The Danger of the Mundane

Engineers often face a challenge regarding the seemingly mundane tasks they need to complete. There will always be disruptions: network monitoring, help desk tickets, and other incidental issues. Even though these tasks are very easy to complete, they still take the engineer's focus away from larger, innovative projects. It's easy to feel as though allocating routine maintenance tasks to engineers is a valuable use of their time; after all, it's fast and simple, isn't it? But it's only fast and simple if everything goes right.
The more trivial responsibilities an engineer has, the more likely they are to be interrupted.

Fighting Fires with Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers can be used to take over the mundane, brings technological agility to your team. Rather than focusing on fighting these fires, your team can begin designing solutions to improve the overall infrastructure. There are numerous routine tasks in any organization that can be safely transitioned to a service provider without a loss of control or quality.
Managed service providers empower engineers with the ability to focus, and give back an organization's access to their most critical talent and resources.
Organizations interested in building their value through technology need to be able to allocate their best talent toward innovation and design. If your engineers are currently more focused on working in the business rather than improving on the business, a managed service provider can help.
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