SMART: T Means Timely

The last entry of our SMART Assessment Services is Timely. Timely has two components. The first being the one we’re most accustomed to– how does the output relate to my current and soon-to-be situation? But the second is a bit more abstract.

Each organization is on its own path. Some organizations are ready to hit the ground and run a marathon, while other organizations are only ready for a 5K. An assessment must take this into account. We’ve all heard the joke, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

But this also applies to assessments. Giving an organization a marathon action plan when they can only handle a 5K will render the assessment useless. The action plan may be the correct plan. It may solve the company’s problem, but they aren’t ready for it. It’s the wrong time for them.

Assessments must take into account the place and time an organization is in before delivering outputs. Getting too far ahead of an organization will overwhelm those you are trying to help. One last example: picture driving somewhere with a friend. Each of you has a car. You know where you’re going, your friend doesn’t. You could get to the destination quickly, but if your friend falls behind, you’ll spend much more time circling back and trying to find them than if you slowed down and led your friend at a pace they can more easily follow.

That’s what “timely” means to us. Setting the right pace in our recommendations to allow the client to reach success. Our job isn’t done simply because we create a report. Our job is done when our customer realizes success.

We’ll have more on assessments as the year goes on– and we plan on sharing some success stories down the road, too. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about us or our SMART Assessments, give us a call!


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