How Are You Marketing Your IT Services?

You can have the best IT services in the world, but if you aren't marketing them effectively your customers (the people you serve internally) will move their budget externally.

Marketing is more than just random acts of promotion; it’s about the entire journey of your buyer. Your competition treats your internal customers like their consumers in attempt to sway them away from your budget. The only way you can maintain your customer base is by knowing them better. You have to own the buyer’s journey.

Know Your Competition

You are in direct competition with a number of outside providers. Perhaps you'll see your budget slowly plateau, or find your budget (and access to resources) is being cut. Sometimes it isn't enough to focus on how many customers you're serving; you also need to concentrate on how many battles you're losing.

Marketing isn't just about survival: it's about producing strong and long-lasting relationships. Start with the competition and compare technologies– do your competitors have IT services you don't? Do they have analytics you don't? How is the delivery? Cost? Every benefit they have over you is a segment of customers they may be able to win over.

Knowing Your Analytic Data

Your data is incredibly important. The single biggest advantage you have over your competition is you understand how your IT systems applies to your business and customers. Data doesn't just tell you information about what your customers currently need; it tells you information about what your customers will need. The buyer’s journey is more than delivering the tech. It’s helping your buyer understand what’s next and putting your team in a position to consult on the next project. Your competitors are almost undoubtedly using data to better understand their prospective customers (i.e., your current users). If they know your user base better than you, it's likely they will win the battle.

Social Media Counts

A significant number of companies today use social media listening to gauge the needs of the user base. Social media gives companies intimate knowledge of their demographics– your customer’s demographics. If they know what your users want before you do, they can also approach your users before you can. Using multi-channel marketing, they can build a detailed picture of your customer. They can use behavioral information and social media information to reach out to users and convince them to transition to their product or services.

Marketing clearly isn't just random acts of promotion–today, marketing is also understanding the entire buyer’s journey. The things you aren't doing around IT services marketing is something your competitor is definitely doing.

If you aren't paying attention to your customers, someone else is. If you aren't collecting data regarding your customer’s behaviors, someone else is. And if you don’t start treating your users as customers? You can be sure someone else will.

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