New Year, New Tagline

Happy New Year! This time of year generally brings about an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude. Here at Wholestack Solutions, we’re constantly evolving, while holding on to those things that make us…us! So, instead of getting rid of the old and ushering in the new, we’re keeping the good stuff and adding to it.

For the last several years, our tagline has been “Be Outcome Driven!” We’re still focused on driving outcomes, that won’t change.

But as we have focused on outcomes, something really powerful has happened. Our team has accomplished things that they didn’t think they could pull off. And that empowerment has been infectious! Our customers have let us know that they are experiencing the same thing!

So as 2017 kicks off, we’re excited to unveil our new tagline “UP: Unleashing Potential.”

You see, what we do isn’t just a cost-savings measure. It isn’t just a way to reduce the number of events your team has to manage (though, we do all of these things). By managing these things for your team …by taking care of the day-to-day operations for you, your team gets a chance to do interesting work! Engaging work! Work that unleashes their potential.

Innovation can’t coexist with busy. Innovation requires the freedom to explore, the desire to explore and the time to do so! Too many engineers are sidelined from innovation projects because they are already so busy…if they create something new? All of the bugs, fixes, patches and updates that come along with “new” falls on their plate too.

There’s more we want to share, but we’ll wait until the next post to share. Until then…get to unleashing your potential!

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