Contact Center: Challenges

Some powerful numbers to think about from the 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Summary Report:

-The following did not exist 10 years ago: web chats, smart phone apps, social media, and the volume of email there is today.

-Thirty-five perfect of all interactions today are digital in nature.

-At the current rate of velocity, digital interactions will overtake voice interactions within two years.

Two challenges arise from this transformation: first, how information is presented and managed by the agent; second, how information actually gets to the agent.

The first challenge is all about integrating software to make sure agents have all the information available. These separate platforms must be pulled together to give the agent a full picture. Skipping around between software to try and tie everything together is not only a waste of the agent’s (and customer’s) time, but introduces too much potential for human error. And that error leads to poor customer outcomes.

The “how information gets to the agent” challenge is about workflow design and development. This deals more with the plumbing behind the scenes.

The data suggests that digital is continuing its surge forward. Research also suggests digital will continue to develop from fragmented platforms, which will require both workflow design and integration in order to provide the best customer outcomes.

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