Contact Center: Agnostic

“Print is dead.”

While we’ve heard that for years, it’s too simplistic. Some print is dying. Newsprint, as an example. The ability of digital platforms to immediately deliver news has caused that medium to transform.

What’s really happening to content is that most people have become platform agnostic; they don’t necessarily have a preference for a specific platform. Rather, most people believe they should be able to consume content whenever and wherever they want.

This content consumption behavior directly also applies to communications. People are platform agnostic when it comes to communicating. And, as customer service is all about communications, it applies to those of us in the contact center space.

Some customers will go directly to the store, others prefer to reach out on social, or email, and some will even pick up the old-fashioned telephone. But the one message customers are sending is loud and clear: however they choose to reach out to a business, they better be able to make a connection with that company.

This presents enormous challenges for contact centers. Being able to provide a cohesive experience for customers in the social space, over email, text messaging, chat, etc., creates both delivery and integration nightmares. An agent has to have a complete picture to provide the best service, while the customer has to have a seamless experience.

What if a customer has interacted on social but the agent doesn’t have that information at their fingertips? It creates a disconnect. That disconnect leads to poor customer service.

While we can’t channel customers to our platform of choice, we can make sure that whatever platform our customers choose to engage with us on is manned by someone ready and able to help with all of the information required for the customer to walk away happy.

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