SMART: M Means Meaningful

M in our SMART Assessment stands for Meaningful. Let’s take a quick look at the definition of meaningful: “having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose.”

Useful quality. Remember the Friends episode where Joey wants to “sound smart” in a letter of recommendation he was attempting to write, so he changed every word using a thesaurus?

How many times have you had an assessment done and the report was 100 pages of gibberish? Where it sounded like the consultants ran the document through a thesaurus in order to “sound smart?” How useful is that?

Too many assessments are all garnish and no meat. Sure, the report looks pretty. Wonderful graphs and charts– and, gee, these words are big, so they must be valuable.

But, the assessment is an exercise in showing you how much smarter the vendor thinks they are versus everyone else.

We’ve been misled by consultants that a proper assessment document is phone-book thick. We’ve been misled that you’re required to have a PhD in order to read the document. But how useful are documents like that? And if they aren’t useful, they aren’t meaningful.

And if they aren’t meaningful, why pay for them in the first place?


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