Is Your Organization Using an IT Service Grid to Drive Profitability?

Many organizations make the mistake of not considering the profit potential of their IT service grid. By implementing best-of-breed IT solutions, a company is able to reduce their potential for risk and amplify their success. IT services operate as a lens through which all of an organization's operational failures and successes are magnified.

The Perils of IT Failure

IT failure does occur; there's no avoiding it. Any IT team, no matter how well staffed and well prepared, will experience failure. Not only does failure damage a team's reputation, but it also requires both time and resources to fix. Insult to injury? All of this cuts into the organization's profit. An IT organization must not only avoid IT failure when they can, but seek to limit the damage when it happens. It cannot be assumed that all failures can be avoided or that failures are all part of the game. There have to be protocols and procedures in place to serve as a safety net.

Monitoring and Managing the Grid

Someone in any organization must be responsible for the monitoring and management of your IT service grid. Without direct responsibility, it’s too easy for things to slip through the cracks. This person (or team of people) must be empowered to react when something occurs that can negatively impact the success of your organization and its projects.

Reacting quickly to adverse conditions is essential to reducing the damage. As they say in emergencies, it's always important to give directions to one individual or a small core team– otherwise everyone is left thinking, "Oh, someone else will handle this."

Keeping Your IT Organization Running

Of course it's not possible to avoid failure entirely. Be careful not to be overly cautious, which can lead to paralysis. Your job is keeping your team running smoothly and to make sure everything gets done in whatever capacity it can be done. You can't always meet every goal– and sometimes things will fail or be done incorrectly. But your job is to make sure everything gets completed and your IT service grid is both operational and healthy.

Best-in-breed technologies facilitate the ongoing stability and health of an IT organization, ensuring they have the immune system necessary to immediately react to potentially damaging issues.

If you're not thinking about the monitoring, maintenance, and management of your IT service grid, you may not be maximizing the profitability of your IT organization. Your best-in-class technologies can be utilized to form a safety net which will catch issues before they become problematic and will reduce the harm caused by project failure.

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