Why Your IT Department is Losing to As-a-Service Providers

Are you seeing your internal clients drop off one by one in favor of as-a-service providers? Though you may consider your own IT offerings more valuable, as-a-service providers are seen as modern, robust, and easy to understand. Rather than assume your internal customers will have to continue to use you, you need to transform your department and offer the benefits an as-a-service provides.

As-a-Service is Easy to Understand

As-a-service offers customers continually maintained and supported IT services that don’t need to be installed and can be rapidly deployed. Nothing could be simpler than as-a-service solutions; they are managed and can be used at any time, from anywhere. Most importantly, as-a-service speaks their customer’s language. Though customers today are more tech savvy than in the past, they still don't want to wade through techno-speak to figure out if the solution is actually right for them.

As-a-Service Treats Users as Customers

To an as-a-service company, all users are considered customers. This promotes a healthy relationship between the user and the service; users feel as though they are being responded to in a timely fashion and the service ensures users are both happy and productive.

Compare this to how internal IT teams historically provide services. End-users are co-workers, not external customers. Often a small handful of IT staff (or even a single employee) must operate as the point of contact for the entire organization, filtering through all requests and attempting to bridge the gap between end-user needs and IT resources.

As-a-Service Focuses on the Future

As-a-service companies don't just need to compete with their current competitors, but also with future, unknown competitors. This future-based focus enables as-a-service providers to assist their customers in aligning innovation with the same attention on the future.

As-a-Service Identifies Profitable MVPs

Rather than over-building, most as-a-service providers identify minimum viable products (MVPs) for their customers, which lowers overall costs. These service providers will consult with customers to determine the best solution and then build only what is required. Through MVPs, as-a-service providers are able to cost-contain their offerings.

It may seem as though it's impossible to compete with as-a-service providers. If IT departments want to remain competitive (and more importantly, relevant), they must transform operations and move toward providing services and products in the same way as an as-a-service providers. As-a-service model is here to stay and has markedly changed the IT landscape. Conventional, internal IT delivery needs to adapt and provide value.

The first place to start? Begin viewing your users as customers.

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