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Why Your Engineers Never Have Enough Time In Their Workday

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Almost every business today requires the expertise of IT engineers. As an IT director or CIO, one of your frustrations with technical projects is that while the quality of your engineers’ work is exceptional, time and time again your IT projects run behind schedule.
Even if the finished project meets or exceeds your expectations, you may not be hitting your goals due to a few key reasons:
1. Your IT engineers enjoy being the go-to expert, but this attitude pulls your team in multiple directions.

2. Being the “smartest person in the room” is perceived as valuable, but again, causes your team to get pulled into projects and meetings they shouldn’t be involved in.
3. “If it’s easy, you don’t need me.” Sound familiar? Oftentimes engineers amp up the complexity of a project to provide value.
4. The belief that to stay relevant, the engineer needs to become an expert in all of the new “stuff” in the IT space. With the velocity of change in our industry, this is a daunting task at best.
These are just a few of the reasons the scope, budget or deadline of seemingly each project are impacted.

We Understand Where You and Your IT Engineers Are Coming From. 

At Wholestack Solutions, we fully understand how these factors impact an organizations ability to succeed. We've created a multitude of solutions that allow your IT engineers to do what they do best-while delivering the high caliber of work you require-on time, and on budget.
Our driving philosophy is:
Let engineers be engineers. We support and complement engineers by enabling them to work on the business rather than in the business while maintaining competitive pricing by variablizing resources.
How Do We Achieve These Goals?
To reduce distractions, eliminate white noise, and reduce fatigue, we provide affordable network monitoring services and proactive IT support.
This means instead of leaving all aspects of IT in the hands of your on-site engineers, you let us take on the IT-related tasks that do not require the highly skilled engineers you employ.
This is not to say our IT professionals are not skilled, it just means we provide a different, specialized set of IT solutions. This allows your IT staff to spend their time on projects geared toward driving a better ROI to your organization’s IT investments.
Think of this model as you would a trip to the doctor. Before you see your physician, a nurse enters the room gathers general information, takes your vital signs, and ensures the physician is alerted to the most pressing areas of concern.
This is not to say that nurses are not highly skilled medical professionals, however, just recognizing nurses and physicians have different roles to play. Both roles are valuable and necessary to optimizing your health providing you the best care. By leaving monitoring tasks in the hands of WholeStack Solutions, you will experience:
Reduced downtime

Reduced business losses

Increased ROI on your IT technology

To learn how we can help get your IT projects back on track, take a look at the services we offer.
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