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WholeStack Solutions isn’t relatively known in the market... that’s not a secret. We aren’t as big as Amazon, Google, or Apple by any means. With that being said, we think it’s time for us to explain a bit more about who we are.


This isn’t our first foray into this space. Many of us were a part of another IT Services firm that got purchased. And we decided…we weren’t done yet. There’s still too much for us to accomplish! So, we banded together and formed a new organization.


We’re not a part of some giant company, collecting a paycheck and counting down the days to retirement. We want to be here! We enjoy the challenges, solving problems and watching our customers do amazing things.


As corny as this sounds, we believe in the old saying that “attitude determines altitude.” We do things differently. We think differently. We don’t take the easy way. Why? Everyone can do ‘easy.’ Easy is boring. Easy is lazy. Easy doesn’t necessarily solve problems. And we can’t serve our customers by doing things the easy way.


Ever watch a duck out on the water? They just seem to be calmly drifting along. But under the water, the part you can’t see is just how hard the duck is working. That’s us. To our customers, the work we do looks “easy.”


Beyond the complex projects we help with, we love to take care of the blocking and tackling for our customers too. As those customers go on to do innovative things, they know why they had the time to tackle those projects. It’s a great feeling watching a partner accomplish something that had been on their wish list for the last three years.


We hate talking in ‘tech-speak.’ We have real conversations. We talk about business needs and how technology supports those needs. We lead with the business requirements because we refuse to let technology dictate strategy. If technology can’t accommodate a strategy, then the technology is flawed. Too many firms will tell you the strategy is flawed because it’s ‘easier’ than fixing the tech.


We’re real people with a real mission: Help you (and your team) get better. Solve problems. Remove barriers. Achieve success. Unleash your potential.

We don’t have daily catered lunches or Foosball tables or monthly massages. We don’t come to work for the fancy ‘perks.’ We do this because your success is our success. That’s why we’re here.

Virtual Staff Augmentation (VSA)
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