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Top 10 Reasons Your (Work) Life Sucks

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1. Reactive vs Proactive. All day, every day, problems are chasing you. You never get ahead. You spin from problem to problem.

2. What balance? Got a fire that just started at 5:00PM on a Friday evening? Cancel your plans. No happy hour for you! Oh, you can forget about making it to your kid’s ball game this weekend too. An emergency change window was just scheduled for the weekend.

3. Documentation? Ha! Need to get a broad overview of what’s in your environment before implementing the change this weekend? Good luck! Your documentation is at least 5 years old!
4. Play with cool tech? Nope! You got into IT to work on next-gen technology? You want to solve big problems and innovate? Hahaha…that’s funny right there! Now go re-boot the router, the CEO is having problems with his Wi-Fi. 
5. YOU DID WHAT?!? Back in the good old days, we could experiment and break things to learn and accomplish complex projects. Today? Yes, we expect you to do the same complex projects, but here’s the thing: you aren’t allowed to make any mistakes.
You aren’t allowed to fail. And God forbid you break something. You’ll be relegated to printer-fixing duty for the next decade. Good luck, oh, you better have this done by tomorrow. Go!
6. Meetings. Meetings. And Meetings. Good God. The meetings!
7. Shadows everywhere. A user just called for help on an application that you didn’t even know your organization had. Turns out the user’s department went out and bought the application and didn’t tell IT about it. Good times!
8. Budget cuts. Since IT is just a “cost-center,” the CFO decided the best place to slash some dollars was out of your department. The work of three that you were doing? Yeah, now it’s the work of five. 
9. People Hate You. It’s not your imagination. 
10. Welcome Aboard! Welcome to your new job! Our documentation (#3) is 5 years old, we don’t have time to train you (#6 and #8) and you’re on-call tonight (#2)! Oh, don’t F%^& anything up, or your fired (#5). But, again…welcome aboard!
All of these…each and every single one of them…can be solved. How? You must become more strategic, focused on service and tying your tech-outcomes to business outcomes. Don’t have time (or know how) to do that? Then you need our help. 

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