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To Move UP You Have To Let GO

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We’re talking a lot about “UP: Unleashing Potential.” And with good reason. IT is asked to do more than ever today with fewer and fewer resources. Keeping things working while innovating. It’s a tough ask.
Innovating and sustaining exist at different ends of the spectrum. While putting this blog together, we ran across this quote:
“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” William Pollard
You see, maintaining…by its very nature…doesn’t require learning; it requires applying what we already know to keep a status quo. If most of your day is spent maintaining, there’s no opportunity to learn. And if there’s no opportunity to learn…there’s no opportunity to innovate.
There’s no question that the maintain work has to be done. The real challenge is in time and resource allocation. If you’re allocating 80% of your time to maintaining, the remaining 20% isn’t enough to learn and innovate.
What could you do…what could you learn…what could you build if you reversed that ratio? What if you spent only 20% of your time focused on maintaining and 80% focused on learning and innovation? What if your entire team had this approach? What could your organization achieve?
That’s what UP is about! Letting go of the day-to-day maintain work is scary, agreed. But watching your company be out-innovated because you and your team were too focused on keeping a router up 99% of the time instead of learning and creating? That’s a recipe for disaster.
We can help with the maintain part of your work. And with that, we will help your team Unleash their Potential.
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