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Persistence is Under-Rated

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What is it that makes a company become a success? People a lot smarter than us have been trying for years to figure out the playbook. Is it access to capital? Talent? Dumb luck?
While we don’t have the recipe, we are convinced that there’s one key ingredient to success that is vastly under-rated: persistence.
Fun fact: there are over 100,000 IT Service companies in the United States alone. Here’s a dirty, industry secret, a lot of these companies can do the same things. We have access to the same technologies. And most of us have really smart people on staff.
We’ve been in in the services business for a long time. And one of our secret, key ingredients for our longevity and success? 
Persistence. Not only do we dig into problems to find solutions, but we have a high threshold for pain. Which is a requirement in today’s complex environment.
In technology, it’s not always the smartest person that solves a complex problem, but the person who runs into wall after wall and sticks with it. There’s a boxing quote: “It’s not how hard you can hit, but how hard of a hit you can take and keep moving forward.” We embrace this mentality.
There are too many service companies that pull up short because it’s too hard.  It’s too frustrating. So they slap together something that is “good enough” and move on to another problem.
Any elite athlete will tell you that it’s not just their skills and talents that they train for. They train for the mental hurdles that will come. They train for the times that they will get knocked down. There’s enormous emotional energy that’s required to pick yourself up after you fall for the hundredth time and keep at it.
In selecting your next partner or even in your own endeavors, don’t under-estimate persistence. We leave you with this quote, which is our unofficial mantra around here:
It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.
Albert Einstein

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