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Perfection, Not Progress. Wait…What?

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Remember the old adage “progress, not perfection?” When did that stop applying to enterprise IT departments? Anymore, the prevailing adage is “perfection, not progress.”
If you’re well “seasoned” like us here at Wholestack Solutions, you remember the early days of technology. The Wild West! The Good Ol Days! However you want to refer to it, it was a time when we got to experiment, play and fail so that we could learn and innovate. In fact, our founder is fond (and dare we say a little proud) of recalling his days at NASA where he literally took the Internet offline.
Imagine the chaos if a young engineer came into your environment and in testing some new things…took down your phone system. Insert mass hysteria! How fast would the CEO be in your office?
Welcome to the world of “perfection not progress.”
Hiring takes on a new demand; we can’t just hire the right fit, we have to hire someone that can walk in and not screw up! No wonder innovation is stagnant in an enterprise environment. You can’t explore and learn without failure, but in an enterprise setting, failure is frowned upon (understating it a bit there, yes?).
It’s why you need people that are hyper-focused on operational effectiveness as well as people that are hyper-focused on innovation. The blurring of those two responsibilities leads to the CEO standing in your office demanding an answer.
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