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Oh No! Another Remote-Work Blog Post!

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It feels like the interwebs are filled with content about politics, a certain virus or remote-work. But, sadly, none of these are going away in the near term. At Wholestack Solutions, we can’t fix politics nor viruses (well, at least not biological ones!) …but we can reduce some stress around remote-work.
As your users have moved offsite, your job has gotten infinitely busier. From VPN issues to password resets it seems like you can’t get five minutes to yourself before another issue comes up.
Many of our customers have begun leaning on Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P) services even more now that users are all remote. Even harder is those users want to use services like Jabber, Slack, Skype and Teams on any and all of their BYODs.
Now, instead of one user/one profile, you may have one user/three or more profiles! Adding a new user isn’t quite as clean and easy as before. Sue in marketing wants Jabber on her iPhone and iPad plus her MacBook, while Don in Accounting is asking if there’s a way to get it on his Samsung S3 (come on, Don! Pony up for a new phone already!).
And then, just as you think you’re about to grab lunch (at 3pm) you get another call from Sue who swears she is using the right password on her iPhone but it’s just not working…and she has a call in two minutes!
It’s exhausting.
Many of our customers are in the same boat as you and we can help manage IM&P for you. We take the frustrations of managing multiple profiles off your plate!
From triaging issues, to managing unlimited profiles for your users…the end goal is more time for you and helping your users stay as productive as possible.
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