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Managed Services Providers a Tool for IT Talent Retention

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Acquiring and retaining talented IT professionals has always been a challenge in an industry historically known for its difficult and often stressful work environment. With modern IT projects being deployed and accelerated at unprecedented speeds, procuring the best IT managers and IT professionals has become even more critical for success. To make the situation even more difficult, many IT departments must acquire this talent without significantly taxing their IT resources.

Retaining IT Talent through Continuous Engagement

IT managers must be engaged not only in the development and maintenance of their IT systems but also their IT talent. The IT infrastructure runs on the strength of the individuals within it, and the system as a whole will not remain healthy unless these talented individuals are satisfied with their work and have a strong leader at the helm.
Job satisfaction increases productivity and efficiency, reducing employee turnover, and thus eliminating unnecessary training time. IT talent can be seen as one of many resources which IT managers must track, build, and cultivate, all in service of striking a balance between their technical acumen and the cost of their services.

The Challenges of IT Retention

IT talent can become disenchanted with their role in an enterprise for a variety of reasons. They may find their job has become repetitive and mundane, or they may simply feel overburdened by the responsibility of continuously upgrading their skills to fit into a constantly shifting and agile IT environment. Many engineers are driven by their instinct to design, build, and create solutions. A management team who allows them to focus on the design and creation of abilities and talents can vastly improve the outlook for these employees. IT managers must also be aware of their position in an extremely competitive market, as the best IT talent will always be sought out by recruiters.

The Benefits of Managed Service Providers

Most IT professionals desire a challenge, so repetitive and mundane tasks will ultimately wear them down in absence of opportunities to create and innovate. IT managers can reduce these frustrations through the use of managed service providers. Managed service providers shift the burden of daily maintenance and monitoring away from talented IT professionals, allowing them to concentrate on the design and creation projects truly worthy of their time. There is also a direct financial benefit, as salaried professionals are no longer logging hours performing tasks more easily and efficiently automated through a managed service provider.
Keeping the best and most talented IT professionals will always be a challenge, but it’s a challenge made easier by partnering with the right managed service provider, continuous employee engagement, and opportunities for professional development. IT professionals are a unique class of employee, one who desires the thrill of a challenge far more than they desire easy work and repetitive tasks. By shifting less interesting tasks to another service, IT managers can keep their employees satisfied while also ensuring they remain available for critical projects.
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