Work-Life Balance

Get Your Life Back!

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We're doing something a bit different on the blog this week. A daily series around the real value of managed services. CIO Insight created several slides around the idea "Why IT Must Respond More Rapidly To Tech Issues." But the article could have also been titled "What Do You Want Your Engineers Focused On?"
Can your engineers monitor your network? Yes. Can your engineers babysit tickets for service providers? Sure. Do you want them to? Absolutely not! Check out the below "most inconvenient places/times tech pros have been contacted for an emergency alert."
No one understands the impact of technology on your business more than your engineers. Do you want these highly valuable resources answering an alert while at a funeral? One of the biggest (and overlooked) risks we have in IT isn't security. One of the biggest risks in IT is burnout and turnover of engineers. How do we resolve this?
Let engineers be engineers! Get them back to creating and innovating for your business. Let them go to happy hour and take a vacation. Augment your IT team with a network monitoring partner. Contact us to learn more.
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