Everything People See, Tells A Story

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Everything people see…tells a story. So, what does your story tell? Take this challenge…record what you work on for the week. Write it down. Then, label each activity, meeting, phone call as either “operational” or “strategic.”
While there is some subjectivity to this exercise, the idea is that the weekly “journal” will help you see the story you’re telling.
As a CIO, you want to be accepted as a leader. But if your activity log is full of operational activities, you’re telling a much different story. Don’t get me wrong, you are responsible for operational effectiveness. But tell me, how often does a General in the US Army train new recruits? The General is responsible for everything on his base, but he understands delegation.
We also must become more strategic if we’re to be successful in a leadership role. If people saw the General running PT (physical training), it may be a good morale boost for a random day, however, if the General took it over full time? People would question his ability to continue to lead.
You have a story to tell. But you can’t just say you’re a leader. Your actions, your priorities and your focus will say what you are for you. So, what's your story telling?
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