Competitive Advantage: Simulations

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If you’re more “seasoned” like some of us at Wholestack Solutions, you remember the good old days of IT. It was like the Wild, Wild West! We were gunslingers. We made it up as we went along. And if we crashed the system? No big deal…we learned from it and moved on.
Those days are long gone. Yet, many providers still like to pretend they are gunslingers. Think about this: the last time you asked your provider (or maybe your own team) to make a change to your network…did they run any simulation before going to production?
We’re guessing the answer is: No!
The cost of downtime has been well reported, but we continue to ignore tools like simulations before new rollouts. Why?
We get it. It happens with our own team! Before a rollout, our senior engineers will ask their team if they are ready and the team always responds with “yes.” A few questions later and we can tell…the team is not ready.
It’s been a process for us to get our own team to buy-into the value of using simulations. Until they received this feedback from a customer:
“Using simulations, your team caught several dependencies that we completely lost track of that would have derailed this rollout. No one else has done this [simulations] before and your team saved us from making a huge mistake!”
When we talk about “competitive advantages” you’re not going to hear us talk about how much smarter we are or how many certificates we have. You’re going to hear us talk about how we use technology, processes and team-work to make you better.
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