Case Study

Case Study: Transportation- Network Assessment

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The Challenge

A client going through a merger had to support the consolidation of two back office systems. The customer needed to determine how traffic would route in a converged environment to identify where equipment or circuits needed to be upgraded in order to support current and future demand forecasts. End-user, machine-to-machine, backup, and disaster recovery systems needed to work seamlessly to support the critical mission of the organization.

The Solution

The customer engaged Wholestack Solutions to perform a comprehensive network assessment to: (1) identify current and future network demands, (2) define physical and logical routes throughout the converged environment, (3) assess current and future hardware/software/circuits utilization, (4) identify gaps, and (5) define a 5-year roadmap to address short- and long-term business requirements.


Identified 5 short-term gaps that would impact the combined organization’s ability to perform critical business functions.
• Developed a strategy to address short-terms gaps without additional CapEx, OpEx spend.
• Defined long-term cost saving strategies that exceeded service level requirements while reducing OpEx spend
• Defined “should do” activities by constraining “could do” activities with technical and organizational realities.
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