Case Study

Case Study: Manufacturing- Access Design

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The Challenge


The client initiated an aggressive growth campaign to increase market share and expand its service offering. This campaign consisted of organic and acquisition growth activities.
These activities greatly increased the number of devices connecting to the corporate network. New locations, devices, and users needed an easy way to securely connect to the corporate network without adding additional corporate or IT staff.

The Solution

The client engaged Wholestack Solutions to develop and implement an identify services solution that easily and securely connected users and devices to internal/external systems. Wholestack performed a detailed requirements analysis to identify device and user needs by organization and work function.


25 custom access policies were developed to align with the unique requirements of various business units. Also:
• Over 8,500 secure connections are handled per day.
• Internal and external users/devices get access to what they need, when they need it, according to flexible policies that align with business requirements.
• Operating staff was reduced.
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