Case Study

Case Study: Hardware and Support Provider Service Adoption


The Challenge

The client has a service offering capable of delivering great value to their customers. Many of their customers, however, opt not to consume the service. There is a subset of customers who are heavy consumers. Implementation of the service requires upfront investment of time and effort by the customer.

The Solution

Wholestack Solutions mapped out consumption patterns for the client. This gave them the information to formulate value propositions and messaging, resulting in better-focused sales efforts. This included detailed pattern and behavior analysis correlating website usage, device statistics, contract and sales data, service usage, purchasing, customer satisfaction, and service records.


On top of the increase in contract renewal rate, the customer also saw:
•Increase in service adoption and consumption
•Streamlined on-boarding practice
•Increase in customer satisfaction ratings.


•Increase in contract renewal rates.
•Increase in customer satisfaction ratings.
•Increase in service adoption and consumption.
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